• Dr. Mary Schooley
    Dr. Mary Schooley

    Dr. Schooley did her undergraduate work at Loyola University and Auburn University. She received her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn University in 1982. Dr. Schooley is active in many veterinary associations, serving as the first woman president of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association. She has also served as an executive director of the South Florida Veterinary Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association. She brings over 30 years of clinical veterinary medical experience as a veterinary practitioner.

    Dr. Schooley lives in Miramar with her husband and four children. She was raised in a small farming town outside of Mobile, Alabama. After graduating from Auburn University’s school of veterinary medicine, Dr. Schooley moved to Miami, Florida, where she has been a veterinary practitioner since receiving her veterinary degree. In 1989, she purchased her veterinary practice and twelve years later, she moved her practice to Miramar. She enjoys raising her children, gardening, and practicing veterinary medicine in the community in which she lives.