Dental Care

Many pet owners fail to provide full dental care to their pets, mainly because they don't understand that pets like cats and dogs similar healthcare needs as them. We at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic in Miramar, FL, provide professional pet care services to pet owners in our region. Our veterinarian, Dr. Schooley, knows why professional dental healthcare can be important for pets 

Dental Care

Prevent Tooth Loss 

As your dog ages, the structures supporting its teeth can become infected or damaged. If nothing is done, its teeth will loosen and fall out over time. However, if you often take your pet to a veterinary clinic for dental exams and care, you can be sure that its teeth-supporting structures can stay strong and healthy. As a result, your pet's teeth will remain in place. 

Prevent Bad Breath 

If you start noticing your dog having bad breath, it's a sign of bacteria buildup due to poor dental hygiene. Frequently taking your pet for professional dental cleaning by a vet will prevent it from developing bad breath. Additionally, it will prevent food particles from building up to form plaque, which can harden to become tartar. 

Prevent Periodontal Disease

After plaque hardens and becomes tartar, the tartar causes gum inflammation and infection. As a result, the gums recede, leaving more of the gums and teeth exposed and more vulnerable. This can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease, causing your dog to lose its teeth. Professional pet dental healthcare will help your dog avoid gingivitis and periodontal disease. 

Prevent Pain

Gingivitis and periodontal disease can cause your pet a lot of pain similar to the pain you may experience with toothaches. If your pet continuously refuses to eat or drink, it may be because your pet experiencing tooth pain. Submitting your pet to regular dental check-ups as part of his pet care can prevent the onset of dental diseases that can cause tooth pain and prevent any present tooth pain from worsening. 

Prevent Organ Damage

The bacteria that causes dental conditions like plaque can be very dangerous if it enters your pet's bloodstream. The bacteria can settle on the heart, kidneys, and liver and damage these organs, making your pet extremely sick. Having your pet frequently receive dental attention from a veterinarian will prevent the buildup of this bacteria, helping to ensure that your pet’s organs never get damaged by it. 

Prevent Malnutrition

If your pet has dental problems, he is more likely to reject food and water, resulting in malnourishment. Offering your pet professional dental attention will help ensure that they can bite and chew with no problems; thus, they can eat well. Thereby, you will prevent your pet's malnutrition. 

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