Pet Labratory

Getting your pet the right type of treatment at the right time depends on getting the right diagnostics. At Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic in Miramar, we provide an onsite laboratory to ensure that the tests can get done quickly and treatment plans can be created in a timely manner.

Why Would My Pet Need A Lab?

As part of most visits to the veterinarian’s office, blood is drawn. This procedure helps the veterinarian determine if there is a disease or infection present. Having lab work processed quickly is essential to disease prevention. Early intervention is often a crucial factor in helping a sick animal.

If your pet is experiencing symptoms, and the vet is unable to immediately diagnose the problem, bloodwork will likely be needed to figure it out. Dr. Schooley can also use blood labs to detect metabolic disfunction. This can be crucial to your pet's long-term health and well-being.

What Does The Lab Provide?

Our laboratory provides quick access to test results. When bloodwork and other tests have to be sent to an off-site laboratory, it can sometimes take a while to get the results back. This lost time could be detrimental to your pet. An onsite laboratory allows us to get results quickly, develop a treatment plan, and start your pet on its journey to health and healing.

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