Pet Boarding and Grooming

Pet Boarding and Grooming, for your Pet's Comfort and Happiness

At Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic, we understand that your pet's quality of life involves more than just veterinary medical care. That's why we offer a full range of pet boarding and grooming services.


Pet Boarding — a Home Away from Home for Your Pets

When you need to travel or otherwise be away from your pet, you want to know that your pet is comfortable. Dr. Schooley and her staff provide attentive veterinary medical care to hundreds of pets, creating bonds with these special members of your family. We apply the same attentive care for your pets during boarding, so you can rest assured when you travel or otherwise need to be away from your pet.

All of our kennels are designed for comfort. Our clean and well-staffed location is an ideal place for your pet to stay while you are away, and can be easier on your pet than staying at a relative or friend's home. At Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic, you can trust that your animal is being treated with love, care, and comfort. Boarding choices include our climate-controlled kennel and spacious private suite. Both can accommodate dogs of any size. 

Our facility is conveniently located for boarding your pets, and we have flexible drop off and pick up hours.

Pet Grooming for Comfort, and Quality of Life

Pets need regular grooming. It makes them look good and feel good. Pets benefit from regular bathing and brushing, as this helps bring out natural oils that protect their skin. A messy, matted coat or overlong nails can make your pet uncomfortable all day long. We offer a full suite of pet grooming services, including:

  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Foot and pad care
  • Bathing and drying

While our pet grooming services can make your pet glow, the real benefits of regular pet grooming is in how a healthy coat can contribute to a healthier life. Pets and humans have different haircare needs. We hit the salon for the latest look, but for your pet, a visit to the groomer is part of a healthcare routine. A dog or cat's coat can reflect overall health. Problems with diet, potential disease, illness, and infection can all show symptoms on a pet's coat. Our trained staff can identify potential problems, and offer suggestions to help your pet maintain a healthy coat year-round.

At Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic, we are your pet's home away from home for boarding and grooming. For more information about Dr. Schooley's pet boarding and grooming, call us today!





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