Benefits of Vaccines

Vaccinations protect the health of your pets, helping them live a longer and healthier life. Cats and dogs, as well as any other pets you might have, need regular vaccinations to prevent them from getting a host of terrible diseases. Dr. Schooley, at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic, in Miramar, FL, knows exactly which vaccines are best for your pet. We have been serving the Miami, Dade, and Broward areas since 1982.

Basic Vaccines

The rabies vaccine is the most basic of all the vaccines available, and it is required by law for most animals. Rabies is a fatal disease and is spread by wild animals. No matter how careful you are, your pets will come into contact with wild animals at some point, and it is imperative that they be protected.

Series of Vaccines

For very young animals like puppies or kittens, your veterinarian may suggest a series of shots. Getting all of these shots is important because it provides maximum protection for your animal. Initial vaccines are ideally given to pets at a young age, with additional booster shots every one to three years following that.

Types of Vaccines

Rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis are considered "core" vaccines, meaning these are considered vital. They are the absolute minimum of your pet needs. Non-core vaccines are different depending on risk factors. Pets need a heartworm vaccine in Florida, where they may not in New England, for instance.

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